Irrespective of the age group you belong for every individual a beautiful smiley face is nothing more than an asset. If you felt somewhere there may be some hindrance between you and your smile like physical appearance or misalignment of teeth, crooked shape teeth, discoloration or any ugly or unappealing defects that make you feel disappointed or have an impact on your self esteem and confidence.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore. We in The Lodge Dental offer exciting new ideas to attain a smile which you had always wanted. Our smile designing procedures include a variety of dental treatments and several procedures ranging from compulsory cosmetic dentistry measures to highly complex dental surgeries. Invisible clear braces are one of the desirous treatments in recent times. Our dentists after consultation will facilitate you with a fresh and clear brace aligner for your teeth.


Invisible Clear Braces
Many of the young generation and adults feel odd shaped teeth or misaligned teeth have a negative impact on their smile and also on their personality. Metallic braces have been around for a while but due to visibility of these during smile lot of people are opting for clear Invisalign Braces. So, it’s time to say goodbye to all your worries about your smile and get ready to get a healthier, more beautiful smile. By choosing an invisible clear brace you may correct space between teeth, teeth overlapping, misalignment issues of teeth and any other dental disorders which may have several implications in your life. In recent years most of the people are seeking this best-known orthodontic technique of clear brace alignment because as compared to other aligners available in the market studies have found clear braces as a more convenient, transparent and hygienic choice. There may be ample benefits of invisible braces not only in contributing to healthy teeth and gums but it also contributes to regaining an attractive smile that may probably help you to boost your confidence. These translucent invisible clear braces will blend with your natural teeth and give them an original look that couldn’t be distinguished. The cost of treatment is comprehensively determined on your exact requirements, sometimes it may also vary depending on the difficulty of cases. Our dentist can offer a consultation to discuss what products are best for you , cost of these and treatment time frame.