Who we are – Best Dentist Manchester

Are you looking for best dentist in Manchester who can care for your dental problems? In order to rectify anomalies in your tooth, other dental implantation, smiling teeth or other issues we are here to assist you in our dental surgery. Due to dental phobia many people are nervous to visit the dentist but don’t worry, at The Lodge Dental you will made to feel relaxed in a very comfortable setting and with our well trained and caring team of dentists and nurses you are in good hands. We are providing end to end oral care and dental services to patients who are looking for NHS as well private and Aesthetic Dentistry in Manchester. We have lead number of initiatives to conduct awareness programs on oral health for the adults and children in and around Manchester. One of these examples is now a Nationwide campaign we started at our practice ‘’Baby Teeth Do Matter’’.


Dental implants

Dental implants bring amazing positive lifestyle changes. Dental implants are used to secure crowns, bridgework or dentures by a variety of means generally for ‘replacements’ for roots of teeth secured in the jaw bone. Advancement in dentistry has transformed a lot of things not only for people whose teeth suffered from the trauma but also ones who faced loss of roots and tooth decay resulting in permanent loss and gaps.

Dental implants involve two surgical procedures. The first one is implants placed within the jawbones and these settle under the surface of gums, gradually bonding with the jaw bone following the placement. Secondly, after the implant integrates with jawbone it is then uncovered, and small posts are attached that obtrude through gums and enact as anchors for artificial teeth.


Treatment offered by us

  • Dental Implants: We are undertaking dental fixtures that are placed into the jawbone & over a few months’ time span it fuses with the bone. This well-established treatment looks akin to natural teeth.
  • Crown and Bridge: We offer crowns and bridges for discolored or poorly placed teeth. It is a restorative procedure that uses prosthetic devices to return your smile. A bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing although the crown is placed in case if the entire tooth structure is damaged or fractured.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Services we offer to make your teeth look good and restore them with new set are e;g shaping Pointy edges of teeth, teeth whitening, botox and fillers and Implants
  • Teeth Whitening: Today this is the most predominant practice done on patients to remove permanent stains or discoloration. It is a one-time do it at home procedure most effective on removing stains.

You can schedule your appointment with our team of specialist dental surgeons and discuss your dental care needs. We will be happy to provide consultation and discuss various treatment options with you including 0% finance package we offer to cover the cost of treatment.