Why choose us

We are dedicated to look at options to create a flawless smile for you. However we will also with treatments we offer transform not just your teeth but also gums and other parts of the oral cavity. Dental health plays a very crucial role in your general health and wellbeing and if you don’t have dentist you must look for a local dentist near me as quickly as possible to receive tailored customised treatment from our specialist Dentists.

If you require urgent care to alleviate you from toothache,trauma or inflammation of gums then you need to visit THE LODGE DENTAL Practice. If you are looking for best dentist near me than you are at the right place, our specialist dentists at The Lodge Dental Clayton are here to assist you with your every immediate dental needs. We have looked after a lot of patients who have been searching a dentist in Clayton or closest NHS dentist near me.

At The Lodge dental UK whether your dental pains require immediate attention or if you need the emergency services, we take the best course of action to help you fix your dental problems.As a NHS Dentist in Clayton we are aim to meet the requirements of our local community who are registered with us for both routine and specialist dental care. If you require urgent appointment we may be able to offer it on the day(emergency appointment Fees apply). As a NHS dentist in Clayton we will investigate entire underlying dental or periodontic problem, alleviate you of pain and offer you preventive and restorative options during emergency or routine dental appointments. You must register prior to any seeking any services from NHS dentist near me. We are a dedicated team who believe It is our responsibility to take care of your smile at every step.