Are you suffering from any toothache or any potentially serious gum or teeth injuries or any other dental emergency.Ignoring any of these may cause serious or permanent damage. Under such circumstances you must not wait and seek urgent appointment with the dentist. Depending on the type of the injury our dentist will quickly take follow-up emergency measures to save teeth from
permanent damage and provide pain or antibiotic medication to aid in alleviating symptoms while discussing restorative options with you.

Teeth Whitening
Our patients take up teeth whitening for several reasons like stained teeth, inborn yellowish teeth, teeth become discolored due to excessive use of drinking and smoking or yellowing of teeth may also occur due to aging phenomena too. Teeth whitening is the most predominant cosmetic dental procedure that is safest, quick, easy and result-driven. Within an hour you can see your discolored and stained teeth transformed into a brighter, sparkly and shiny transformed teeth which will aid in generating a refreshing smile. The enamel of teeth is very sensitive so any chemical, bleaching, surgical or invasive procedure carry risks. You must only seek such aesthetic treatments after consulting a trained and qualified cosmetic specialist dentist at a well equipped cosmetic dental practice.

Dental Implants

The dental implant procedure is used to support one or more false teeth. If you have missing teeth or ill fitting dentures Implants will help replace gap or a new set of teeth will solve the problem of ill fitting dentures. This treatment procedure involves A titanium screw to be fitted in the root of the teeth placed in jawbones in order to deliver stable support for artificial teeth. Location of missing teeth, Jawbone quality, the health of the patient are some of the specific examples when dental implants are offered. Examination of your teeth, jawbone and your lifestyle will be discussed first in a consultation by an Implant surgeon.This can be arranged for you at The Lodge Dental. In case if you intended to ask any help regarding diagnosis or professional advice from our specialist simply call us and one of our specialists can also discuss the options with you over the phone.