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Patient Practice Agreement

Patient Practice Agreement

As a dental practice, we promise to provide you with the very best dental care we have to offer.

We aim always to put our patient’s interests first and communicate effectively with patients where possible.

We aim to maintain and protect your information per our GDPR guidelines.

We aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge in order for you to maintain good oral hygiene and educate you on preventative measures in order for you to be able to carry these out from home.

In return, we expect our patients to:

Attend regular examinations as guided by our clinicians. We offer the right to remove patients from our NHS list if they have not been keeping up with their dental appointments.

We expect our patients to treat us with the same respect as we treat them.

We expect patients to attend scheduled appointments on time and follow guidance previously received from the clinician.

We expect our patients to take on board any oral health messages and action on any points listed to improve oral health.

We expect our patients to respond to our emails and recall messages related to their treatment. Failing to respond to our messages will lead to your account getting de-registered.

We expect our patients to give us 48 hours notice if they wish to make any amendments to their appointments.

Reviewed 01.01.2022